MCSE Printer

MS concept of printer is that printer is not just a piece of hw you attach. Infact, prniter is not the device, but the Driver is the printer. The actual device is just for printing
NW printer: it has a nw card in it. So you can connect to it directly using its IP addess. The effective manner is that make a printer server and connect to printer, but if the print server is off, we can not print. Print Server can have any OS(client or Server). if we have diff os in our nw, then we need to create separte drivers on our print server, but win2003 we do not need to do this.
High Quality Printer:We can also make priorities on printer. For example a job for manager would be in high priority than others. So the managers don't have to wait in the queue
POOL PRINTER: one driver and many printer on nw. So if one is not working, the job will be sent to another.
Practicle Implement PRINTER:
start button->setting-printer-add printer-locall printer(if its first time to add printer)–uncheck automatically detect–>create new port(for adding first one)/select a port(for pool)–>IP from your nw–>Generic
to connect this printer from client now:
Go to client OS–>printer& faxes–>add printer–> a nw printer–>
go to run and type your server path(server) & right click on printer–> connect

spool is the location on the printer where all the jobs are queued

from services(services.msc)–>stop spooler