MCSE Network Infrastructure

when designing network, there should be certain measures

1. as easy as possible for end user
2. easy to manage and trouble shoot
3. fault tollerance and secure
4. always document

How computer Communicate with Each other, for that we need to understand
OSI(Open System Inteconnection). The layers are
7. Application -> the user interface b/w user and system. for example messenger, browser. its for generating data request. Difernet protocols used here are SSL, SSH, FTP, HTTP, IMAP
6. Presentation-> its fore representation of data. it take care of encoding and decoding
5. Session-> for builiding up and ending up connections
4. Transport-> for Segmentation and desegmentation. it breaks a large chunck of data into small segments and vice versa. it also handles error checking and flow control.
3. Network -> it takes care of host to host communication and routing
2. DataLink -> it is for adding physical addresses. for signal conversions from 010101 to audio/voltage/wireless signlas for transmitting on to media. all the protocols for frames are used here for example, ISDN, PPP, ethernet, X.25
1. Physical ->

TCP/IP uses 4/5 layers of OSI model