MCSE Install Active Directory

To Install Active Directory (AD):
go to run and type: dcpromo
if domain name is private then it should end with .local
netBIOS is used when we want to connect our new server with legacy serves
ideally ad database shouldn't be on the system directory drive. As System Drive (C)are already busy with alot of stuff.
domain is the atomic unit of AD. that meanse AD can not exist without domain. Domain forms admin boundry for AD. That means, we can create users, groups, computer accounts within domain
sub domains/child domains can also be created inorder to distribute the work in large organization. For example for sale dept, finan dept. Or even for different geographical areas for example us domain, uk domain, swe domain. sub domain can also be created for security reason for example we want that on RD sub domain all user must use RD.
Domain Tree: When multiple domain r connected in parent child relationship & they have contiguous namespace, that is a domain tree.
forest: one/more domains or trees make a forest. in ad forest, the forest form the sec boundry. forest makes the security boundry. that means a user from parent domain can login to any domain to access resources. all domains in forest share schema. If we install Exchage, it will update schema.
OU/Organizational Unit: ous are like folders. They breakup into smaller admin unit. They help us to org ad resources. say we want ou based on locations (london, camb)

do not run newsid once ad is installed.othewise we need to install ad again
run-> dsc.msc – to bring ad

gpupdate /force -> When ever a poicy is applied, this command is run, otherwise policy is updated automatically after every 5 min