MCSE Groups

Createing Groups:
Right click on your OU & NEW -> Group
Distribution is for email purpose
Security is for email and any other purpose
Domain Local: Avaialble on only with in the domain they are created
Global: Can be accessed on any domain
universal group: super group tha wll bring togather all global groups from diff domains. UG can be member of only Domain Local Group, it can not be member of Global group. If Univ gropu is not available, the reason is that domain functional level is win200Mix. As there was no concept of univ group n winNT

  mixed native win2003
winNT 1    
WIN2000 1 1  
WIN2003 1 1 1

If we want to work with Universal Group then We can raise the Domain Functional level. Its only one way. not changable

user->account->store password using reversible encryption should be selected if we have user from other os(for example mac clients)

password policy using group policy.jpg