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Learn PHP using this Tutorial

In This tutorial we are going to learn one of the mostly used Server Side Scripting language called PHP. This tutorial is for PHP beginners, that’s why we are going to start PHP from scratch. The main purpose of this tutorial is to introduce you to some of the building blocks of PHP so you can start making your own dynamic websites using PHP language.

What are we going to learn?

This PHP tutorial is designed keeping in mind the needs of PHP beginners that’s why most of the topics will cover the basic of PHP language. Some of the salient things that we are going to learn about PHP are
  • PHP pages, Variables, Loops, Arrays, Operators
  • PHP functions, Conditional Statements
  • PHP Global variables, How to upload files, use Session and Cookies
  • PHP Object Oriented Programming, Class, Inheritance
  • PHP and MySQL Database Project using SQL insert, update, delete
  • A PHP Project for making web pages secure using Session
  • And many more ….


Before starting this tutorial it’s important to know that what you should already know before you can clearly understand this tutorial. We assume that you do have knowledge of these beforehand.
  • HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language: The most important components of HTML that you should know before starting PHP are FORM and Table. If you have never used HTML before you can find a handy tutorial on HTML here.
  • A Basic Programming Knowledge: It’s not must to have knowledge of any programming language before you start learning php. But it’s good to have a basic knowledge of any programming language. If you want to quickly learn some basic programming techniques you can click here to read about Programming Basics using C++ Language.
  • SQL experience: A prior experience of database and SQL is required. You can learn SQL here
You can also find some of the classroom based Php Training Courses and php course at Training Dragon.