PHP Output Data

The easiest way we can output data in PHP is using a Language Construct known as echo. Constructs are elements that are built into language. ‘echo‘ can be used for outputting any data. It can also be used to output HTML

Example of PHP echo:


  • we end a php line with a semicolon
  • to echo some text (a string) you need to wrap it in between quotation marks
  • we will use comments to display the output of our scripts

The above example will show this message on webpage. this is my echo message.

You can use echo to output some HTML code:


Other ways to output in PHP: print(), printf()

Another construct to output data is print:


  • you can nest single quotation marks inside double quotation marks (or the other way around)
  • you can escape some nested quotation marks using a backslash ()
  • as print is a construct, you can use it with or without parenthesis

A more complex way to output and format data is the printf() function:


  • $myName is a variable, click here to read more about variables
  • %s is a data type specifier, click here to read about data types, or here to read about other specifiers for the printf() function