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SQL Tutorial

In This tutorial we are going to learn SQL - Structure Query Language. SQL is the main language of Database. Different example of Database software that uses SQL are MySQL, MS SQL Server, ORACLE and DB2. This Simple SQL Tutorial is specifically designed for SQL beginners.

Although SQL Language is used in a bit different way on many database software, but the core SQL remains the same. Our SQL tutorial mainly concentrate on core SQL Commands. SQL commands are explained with examples for MySQL and MsSQL Server.

What are we going to learn?

Some of the main topics that we are going to cover in this tutorial are

  • Create Databses Table using SQL
  • Use SQL Commands to Insert, Update, Delete and Select Data
  • SQL Operators
  • Where Clause and alter command
  • What are SQL Data types?
  • SQL Functions
  • SQL Joins, Right Join, Left Join, Inner Join And many more ….


Before starting this tutorial it’s important to know that what you should already know before you can clearly understand this tutorial. We assume that you do have knowledge of these beforehand.

  • A Basic Knowledge of Database: It’s not must to have knowledge of Database before you start learning SQL from this tutorial. But it’s good to have a basic knowledge of What are databases, how a Database Store Data, What are table Relations.
If you want to quickly learn some basics of Database you can click here to read about Database Concepts. You can also find some of the classroom based SQL training at Training Dragon