MCSE File Systems

file Systems

difference between FAT & NTFS
NA Security
FAT12 (flo-ppy) 16(EB)
drive compression file/folder compression
short naming long naming support
NA encryption available
fixed cluster size VARIABLE CLUSTER SIZE(cluster is the alocation unit size).
default cluster size 4KB

cluster is unit of storage. on one cluster one file can be stored. a file can span over multiple cluster. out of 4KB 3KB will not b used, its called slack space. if we use smaller cluster size, we can store space but then your data will be scattered over multiple clusters. Thats why there is a tradeoff here. either we save space or we get efficiecy. for example in oracle the cluster size is 8KB. then we should format our drive on 8KB. if its various kind of data then we should go for default size. With NTFS we can have variable cluseter size, not possible in fat. recommeded size of fat disk shouldn't be more than 64GB(practically not more than 32GB).