MCSE Backup

copy of data on alternate media. for example if we copy something from C: to another harddisk or any other media. But if we copy data from C: to D: on same harddisk, this is copy not backup.

Risk Analysis is important for backup. As one size would not fit all, so one strategy would not be suitable for every one. We may consider to store our backup drives on a remote place.

five kinds of backup are supported by NT BACKUP UTILITY
1. Normal: backsup the entire selection & reset the archieve attributes (for all files)
2. Incremental: Only backups those files, which have archieve attribute & then reset archieve attributes(for New & Modified files)
3. Differential: only those files which have archieve attributes & it will not reset archieve attributes
4. Copy: its a copy of entire selection, it makes no changes to the attributes
5. Daily: it uses the date modified and date created field. it will backup file, if only the file created or modified today, it does not use the archieve attribute


the reason we need differnet types of backup is because, if we do backup of one Tera Bytes data every day it will take alots of time. So we should run normal backup over weekends, as it takes long time and also require big storage. Normal+Differential is a good backup type as one the saturday if we use normal and then use differnetial on mon, tue, wed. Then on thu if I have to restore my data. I just need data from sat & wed. Differential will backup only updated information every day and it will add last updated information so on wed we will get updated info of mon, tue and wed.

it's recommended to backup ad every week in an active environment.

For Backup Operators should have "password never expires" option for their account. As they may want to restore the data and if their password has expired then they would not be able to restore data from backup.

practically do data backup
run->ntbackup->uncheck always start in wizard mode->click advance

practically do system backup
for system backup use ASR(Automated System Recovery). ASR backup all systems user, windows file.