What is HTML

  • HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.
  • HTML can generate web documents, called web pages
  • HTML web pages can be viewed on web browsers, for example IE(Ineternet Explorer), Safari
  • HTML basic unit is called TAG. for example <HTML> and <HEAD> are HTML Tags
  • To view the HTML of any page, simply right click on the page and select “VIEW Source”

Requirements for HTML:

To work with HTML you will need:

  • An editor such us notepad, dreamweaver, etc.
  • Save your files with the extension .html or .htm (e.g. index.html)
  • A web browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Opera etc.

How to start HTML:

  • Open a Text Editor:
    To start HTML Lets use a very simple text editor of Windows, NotePad. You can open a new notpad document by “right clicking” on your desktop and from “New” select “Text Document”. This will open a new notepad text document. Alternatively you can use Dreamweaver as well.
  • Save the file as web page
    This Basic Text editor file will be use as our main HTML file. We are going to type our HTML code in this Text editor file. To convert this file to a web page, we need to save this file with a web page extention – html or htm. So simply save this file now. Make sure to use the webpage extention .htm or .html with the name. For example mywebpage.html is a valid name for our web page.