HTML provide many tags to play with text. We can create text, use text colors, change text to different sizes etc. To insert text on our webpage we can simply type it in our code without using any special tag. Though the most commonly used tags for text is paragraph tag <p>

HTML Paragraph Tag

this is my web page paragraph

<p>this is another paragraph</p>


Heading are one of the most important part of html web page. HTML provides differen lavels of heading from level 1 to 6. Level 1 being the biggest one. The tag used of headings is h. For example <h1> is used for heading level one, <h3> for heading level 3.

<h1>this is heading one</h1>
<h2>this is heading two</h2>
<h3>this is heading three</h3>
<h4>this is heading four</h4>
<h5>this is heading five</h5>
<h6>this is heading six</h6>

Bold Italic & Strong

To make a text bold the HTML tag is <b>. You may have guessed the other tags, for Italic <i> and for strong <strong>.
The difference between bold and strong is that bold <b> is mainly for visual boldness of text, but the strong tag <strong> is used when we want to show importance of some text.

<b>Creates a bold text</b>

<i>Creates an italic text</i>

<tt>Creates teletype, or typewriter-style text</tt>

<cite>Creates a citation, usually italic</cite>

<em>Emphasizes a word (with italic or bold)</em>

<strong>To make text strong</strong>


When we type text in our code, usually it doesn't appear on web page as we typed in the code. To make it appear on our webpages exactly the way we typed in our code, pre tag <pre> is used.

<pre>Creates preformatted text</pre>


HTML has font tag <font> for defining the font for text. Font Tag provide attributes like face, size and color.

<font size="size value"></font>
Sets size of font, from 1 to 7

<font color="color here"></font>
Sets font color, using name or hex value

Another example of HTML Font Tag

<font face="arial" size="3" color="red">
  Let make text of arial face.
  The colour is red here and size is 3px