HTML Basic Tags

HTML has many basic tags. Some of the basic tags are <html>, <head> and <body>. The purpose of these HTML basic tags is to build our web pages. Remember that html tags are enclosed in brackets <>. Also most of the tags are in pairs, so if a tags starts like <body> it has an ending tag </body>. Any thing between the starting tag <body> and ending tag </body> will be considered as the part of body.

List of HTML Basic Tags 

A list of HTML basic tags with thier functionalities is given here.

HTML Tag  Tag Function
 <html>  Creates HTML web page
 <head>  Defines the head section of html
 <body>  Its the main area on webpage, where contents are visible
 <title>  Defines the title of webpage
 <br>  For inserting a line break, to move contents to a next line
 <p>  Defines a paragraph
 <b>  To make text appear bold
 <img>  To insert images on web page
 <a>  To make Hyperlink on web page


As you can see it's easy to remember the names of tags, but it gets really difficult to remember Where we can use a specific tag. In HTML Page Structure topic we are going to learn an easy way to remember the postion of HTML tags.