HTML Links

HTML Links or HTML Hyperlinks are used for linking web documents. You click on these links to navigate through differen pages. Most of the website use links for Home, Contact, About us etc.

HTML Anchor Tag <a>

The HTML tag for hyperlinks is <a>. The syntax of connecting pages using hyperlinks is <a href=url>the word</a>. <a> stands for anchor, while href is an abreviation of hyper link refrence. Href is usually followed by the web address also called URL(Universal Resource Locator)

Example of HTML Hyperlink

<a href="URL">the word</a>

<a href="home.html">Click here to go to Home</a>

<a href="">Cramerz</a>

HTML Email Link

HTML hyperlink <a> tag is also used for making an email hyperlink. When this email hyperlink is clicked it will open the default email client with the email address provided. To make an email hyperlink tag just add mailto:emailaddress to <a>

Example of Email Hyperlink

<a href=mailto:email_address_here>click here to email me</a>

<a>click here to email me</a>

HTML Link to a part of Document 

HTML links can also be used to make a link to part of documents. For example if we have many topics on one page we can make a list of topics on the page and connect the list to topics. There are two steps of making links to part of documents

  • Create a target location within a document. Lets say we have many headings on our page and we want to make a link to heading1.
    <a name="my_heading">Heading One</a>
  • Links to that target location from elsewhere in the document. Our target location in our example is named my_heading.
    <a href="#my_heading">Click here to go to heading one</a>