Programming Class Objects



            a calss defines the str & behaviour (data ;code) taht'll be shared by set of objects……


            a combination of data & behaviour……

there r two types of persons involved wth classes ……

1.  class developer 

2.  calss programmer

class developer develops class n two steps ..

            a. interface       which'll  seen by programmer e,g  btns of VCR…

b.implementation  which'll be hidden by class programmer e,g circuits of VCR..


                        a constructor s a member func wth same name as class , that s executed automatically when ever an obj s ceated….


Conditions For Constructors

            1. const r sp func having same name as class

   return type even void isn't allowed

            3.const s automatically called when obj s created..


            r  of  two types

            1. data constructs : e,g str & class , ends wth semicolon….

            2. control constructors: e,g function & loops , don't end wth semicolon……


            s a member func wth same name as it's class but proceded by a telda(~)..

            it s called when an obj s destroyed , a destructor takes  no  argument & has no return type…

Order Of Execution

            constructor:: form parent to child

            destructor::  from child to parent

            function:::   from child to parent

Member Functions

            functions that r included wth in a class r know as member func