Programming Functions


function s sub prog to which any amount of data can be sent but whiich returns only one value……

we use functions to devide a large prog n to short progs so taht it s easily understandable ; it avoids rewritting same inst again & again ……….

Function Prototype

            a value taht s supplied to a func when it is called ; s known as argument …. & the variable that hold an argument s func def s known as parameter


local var:::         var that r decleard within body of func = local var

global var          var that r decleard outside body of  func = global var

all local var r automatic by default…….

Function Overloading

            when func name s one but they've many def……….


            one func & many bodies but diff argument /type of argument……

            i.e func name is one & definition many , argument (num & type ) different