Python Anaconda

What is Anaconda Distribution?

Anaconda is a free, open source package manager and environment manager for Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning etc. It’s a tool box that provides the tools, packages and package dependency all in one place.

Download and Install Anaconda

  1. Head to the official Anaconda website and download it from here:
  2. Once you have downloaded Anaconda to your computer, simply click on the downloaded file and follow the installation wizard.


How to use Anaconda

After you have successfully installed Anaconda on your computer, you are ready to start. To work with Anaconda you can launch it using your Operating System.

  1. On Mac: Browse to the folder where Anaconda is installed and select Anaconda Navigator
  2. On PC: Use windows search to search for Anaconda and then launch Anaconda Navigator. Alternatively you can use Anaconda Prompt and navigate to a folder where you would like to start Jupyter Notebook application and then start it by typing jupyter notebook