Wireless Networking

Wireless Transmission :

Terrestrial Microwave

         Parabolic dish

         Focused beam

         Line of sight

         Long haul telecommunications

         Higher frequencies give higher data rates

Satellite Microwave

         Satellite is relay station

         Satellite receives on one frequency, amplifies or repeats signal and transmits on another frequency

         Requires geo-stationary orbit

      Height of 35,784km(distance from earth)


         Long distance telephone

         Private business networks

Satellite Point to Point Link


Broadcast Radio

v      Omnidirectional

v      FM radio

v      UHF and VHF television

v      Line of sight

v      Suffers from multipath interference



      Modulate noncoherent infrared light

      Line of sight (or reflection)

      Blocked by walls

      e.g. TV remote control, IRD port