JavaScript Operators

In JavaScript operator is a sign that perform a special operation, for example, + is an operator that is used for adding two elements. JavaScript has many types of operators for example, arithmetic, logical and comparison operators.

Arithmetic Operators in JavaScript

+      addition
*      multiplication
/      division
%    Modulus or remainder
++   Increment
—     Decrement

Assignment Operators in JavaScript

=     assignment

Logical Operators in JavaScript

! not

&& and

|| or


Concatenation Operator in JavaScript

We can combine text with variables using concatenation operator. The +  sign is used for  concatenation/Combination

In the above example we have created two variables myName and myAge. We are concatenating text strings like Hello, my name is with the variable myName.

Comparison Operators in JavaScript

== equal to
=== equal to in value and type
!= not equal to
!== not equal and don’t convert
<     less than
>     greater than
<=   less than or equal to
>=   greater than or equal to