Roles in Database Env

people that participate in DBMS environment r

data administrator :  ( DA )responsible for management of data resources e,g planning ,

policies, standards., procedures, conceptual/logical db design..

database administrator :: ( DBA ) ….resposible for physical reliazation of db e,g  physical

db design, performance, implementation, security, integrity, maintaince, users/ groups

database designer…

   a.  logical designer : identify data (entities & attribbutes), relationships b/w data,

 constraints on the data

   b.   physical designer : mapp the logical data models in to a set of tables & integrity constraints, select sp storage str & access methods, designing security measures.

application Programmer :: uses a 3rd or 4th generation prog lang

End Users ::

   a . Naive users : unaware of DBMS.

   b . Sophisticated users : familiar wth the str & facilities of DBMS.