What is CSS

CSS Stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is used mainly to design web pages. HTML can be used to do the job of CSS up to some extent, but the best way to design web pages is to use CSS.

You can think of CSS as an interior designer for your webpages. If we are building a house the builder will build the house and the interior designer will design it for us. We can offcouse ask the builder to design the house as well, but It's better to take help of a professional interior designer.

Exactly in the same way, HTML (the builder) can be used to display contents on our web pages. And CSS (the interior designer) can be used to design our web pages using Colours, Fonts, Text and borders etc.

CSS can also be used to layout our webpages without using any HTML table Tag. The tag for including CSS on our web pages is <style>

<style type="text/css">


Benefits of Using CSS

  • Save Time: Using CSS will save time. For example, let's say that you assigned a style to all paragraph text to make it italic. Later, you decide that italicized text isn't legible in the body. Simply remove the italics setting from the CSS style; you've reformatted all of the text.
  •  Accessible Web Pages: Using valid code makes pages more accessible, which gives people equal access to their information. Due to the increasing number of people on the web, the importance of accessibility has come to the forefront.
  • Structure and Presentation Separate: When you separate structure from presentation you gain the ability to create an accessible page—using valid, well-structured HTML code to make it work and using CSS to make it appealing. CSS controls the appearance of your layout and reduces the file size. This is simplicity at its best.