ASP.NET Forward Only

Forward-Only Data Model

– Single Value

Variable(query) – SqlConnection – SqlCommand – Variable(result)

– Multiple Values

Variable(query) – SqlConnection – SqlCommand – SqlDataReader – WebControl


Sub btnSelect_Click(sender as Object,e as EventArgs)

'Store query into the variable
Dim SQL as String = "select * from products”

'Create an Instance of the SqlConnection Class
Dim CON as New SqlConnection ("server=webserve;database=student;uid=student;pwd=icc;")

'Create an Instance of the SqlCommand Class      
Dim CMD As New SqlCommand(SQL,Con)
'Open Connection
'Create a SqlDataReader and run the query to retrieve results
Dim SDR as SqlDataReader = CMD.ExecuteReader()
'Check if the data reader has any rows
If SDR.HasRows Then

          message.text = ""
          'Bind data to datagrid/repeater/dropdownlist/listbox
          Results.DataSource = SDR

          'If record was not found, display a message
          message.text = "Sorry no records where found in the database"
End If

‘Close Data Reader

'Close Connection

End Sub


In the HTML page body you create a datagrid/repeater/dropdownlist/listbox using the following ID:

  • Results