Flash Rotate an Image

Step1: Go to File Menu and select Import->Import to Stage
Step2: Browse any image file and press okay. This will bring your image to your flash movie
Step3: Righ Click on your image and select Convert To Symbol. Select Movie Clip and press ok 
Step4: Right click on any empty frame from time line and select insert KeyFrame
Step5: Click on your last keyframe and then click on your object, from Windows Menu Select Trasform or Ctrl+T. You will notice a Transform pannel on right side of your Flash
Step6: From Rotate change the angle to 90
Step7: Right Click any where between your starting and ending frame and select Create Motion Tween
Step8: If you see an arrow line on your time line, You are done
Step9: Now test your movie by click on Control Menu and Test Movie

Save your file today guys. We are going to work on the same file tomarrow again…