WordPress Installation on cpanel Hosting

Things to Know Before Installing WordPress

Before you begin the install, there are few things you need to have and do.

You need access to your site and its directory and software to proceed with the installation. These are:


  • Access to your web server (via shell or FTP)
  • A text editor
  • An FTP Client
  • Your web browser of choice

Install WordPress on your own website:

Steps to upload your WordPress to your own hosting server

  • Step1: Download Latest version of WordPress from here http://wordpress.org/
  • Step2: Extract the WordPress folder
  • Step3: Open FileZilla and connect to your hosting company by typing your FTP login, Username and Password in FileZilla.
  • Step4: Open your WordPress folder using FileZilla and upload all the files of your WordPress to your hosting company
  • Step5: Now to install your WordPress. Open the browser (for example Firefox) and type either this URL www.yourwebsite.com/index.php or www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin/setup-config.php
  • step6: Once the WordPress installation starts, it will ask for a Database. We can create a database by going to our web hosting control panel. If you need help in creating a database, please contact your web host.
  • step7:  Enter your database username, password, database name and host name (localhost).


  1. Yourwebsite.com should be replaced with your website name
  2. If you upload the complete WordPress folder then your website will have a long URL, for example www.yourwebsite.com/wordpress/
  3. The default name of the root folders on your hosing company could be one of the following: htdocs, www, public. If you don't know where to upload website, please contact your hosting company.